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When The World Was One - Blue Drop Pictures

When The World Was One

Do you remember the time when man first stepped onto the moon?  20th July 1969.
Faint radio chatters being translated to monochromatic screens dodging the white lines from top till the bottom. Faded images; white, gray, black indicating skin in a blind space. Their eyes were glued, hearts were pounding, smaller breaths, lighter bodies, altogether held against the gravity – waiting for the foot to step in.
People running away from the streets, gathering at places as one community. For those who had TV had guests from a huge radius and others had their ears glued to the transistors. All they wanted to do was imagine the man from the Earth as themselves on the moon.
For a moment nobody thought of war or competition, nobody thought of race, origin, or color – all hooked to one thing deciding what would happen next? No individual was sure about how to react then. People from around the world, understanding, visualizing the view of the Earth from where that man is standing.
It was tense, impulsive yet very magnetic to even imagine the reactions of the creator, traveler, astronauts, and ourselves when the news flashed “Apollo 11 Eagle has landed – Men walk on the Moon”.
That day the Earth sighed of relief as one.
Everyone celebrated, some clinked their glasses, while some shed tears of joy – laughter and faith everywhere. That day Earth glowed, whether the spatial bodies saw it or not, but we did.
This is exactly what happens when the world is one. When you think of it – how does it all matter?
The war, the struggle, the greed of space, power, and luxury of happiness. Bombing places, crushing leaders, the nuclear threats – how ? and why does it matter…
But why do we care – we just pretend to be pawns of some chess game being gambled by the hands of what some say – power?
The day Apollo 11 Eagle landed touched the surface of the moon – nobody cared of the war or even their next door neighbor who they might have had trivial issues with. That day the world was one.
It’s just a thought, but think if you were actually present on the day it did happen.

“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” – Neil Armstrong

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