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What do you think? - Blue Drop Pictures

What do you think?

Penning down my own thoughts has been a great experience. I have a firm belief that we humans are more than just skin and blood, we are an entire universe. But enough about my thoughts let’s talk about what do YOU THINK today!

Whenever a question pops up with initial 4 words What-do-you-think this small word “about” follows it giving it a specific flowstream, marking boundaries to this beautiful self sufficient question. People get so irritated and confused and filled up with so many crazy thoughts until that one word “about” comes to rescue.

But today, let’s expand that boundary a bit and let all kinds of thoughts boggle you until the end.

What do you think love is? And what do you think breaks the heart the most? Some say it’s being the one sided lover. Being on the incomplete end. Well, what do you think happens on the other end? We romanticize the pain of being in love, of being on a journey without destination. Ever thought about that destination? The pain on the other side, of knowing, of trying to make that one person happy who loves us the most but still being the only reason of their pain. What do you think is worse now?

There are so many lives around us. What if that bubbly person in metro you passed a smile to will go to bed crying that night?

Or the little immature girl in the park is actually the one who sleeps to physical abuse of her parents and manages to fake a smile the next morning. Will life ever be predictable? What do you think?

Who wrote the rhyme “baba baba black sheep?” Or how on earth was apple the only thing that hit newton’s mind and not the leaves that die everyday!

What do you think when that songs hit you? And even when your father says”we need to talk!”?

There are so many things that surround us…the ants that eat your sweet or that mysterious man on the street. The first word that pops when you read ball…the one that we basket or kick in the goal? Is there anything smaller than an atom? Or a hideous creature bigger than a blue whale?

The first guy that broke your heart and that cute stranger you met in the mart.

Your dark secrets that keep you up or the sweet dreams you wanna complete in that “5 minutes more”.

There are so many things beyond that one word “about”

So hey, what do you think?

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