Who GOAT my CAR?

Featuring Abhay Deol, Mithila Palkar & Vijay Raaz, Chopsticks is a funny, lazy-Sunday-afternoon movie. The light comedy in the beginning is fun to watch, but towards the end it could not catch up with the emotional aspect attached. The movie ended in an unexpected moral compass.

The story revolves around a girl named ‘Nirma’ (Mithila Palkar) and her struggle to find her stolen car. The movie begins with several jokes about her name. Her father named her after a detergent- washing powder Nirma because the day she was born, her father got a job in the detergent franchise. Like any other stereotypical depiction of a girl from a small town, she is shown as an insecure girl who is a misfit, speaks bad english and is made fun of in the
office. She did not learn how to hold Chopsticks but had learnt Mandarin, and not any other language as per her father’s advice. So, she is always given the job of a tour guide for Chinese clients. This follows a funny sequence of her taking them to Dharavi (world’s largest slums in Mumbai).

She earns well enough to buy herself a new car, which gets stolen on the very first day she had bought it. Despite of being gullible and shy, she starts hunting ways to get her car back. Happens to meet a great chef-cum-gangster, the Artist (Abhay Deol) who has been escaping prison for 18 years, helps her looking for her car. A very interesting sequence follows introducing his character in a curious and funny way, as he lives in an unoccupied
building but has a very fancy kitchen where he cooks his pleasurable delights. He is show as a charming & handsome- angry young man who is obviously hard to impress, but how could she not leave an impression on him? Artist, who breaks locks by listening to their ‘hearts’ adds humor as well as some really unconvincing scenes. In one of the scenes, a band with a crowd are rallying for a politician in the middle of the road, and he makes them
go away by asking them to play the national anthem which ends the traffic on the road.

Fayaz Bhai (Vijay Raaz) is another humorous character who has extreme love for his goat- Bahubali, which follows a lot of funny sequences around it. Not a very typical scary gangster. But tortures a person in his own way of either making him run on a treadmill until he wants him to stop or making him sing a song at any hour of the day. Nirma and Artist end up finding Nirma’s car at Fayaz Bhai’s place. They make a plan to get her car back by kidnapping Bahubali. The movie ends up with Nirma making Fayaz Bhai realise how bad it feels when someone really close to you goes away from you.

The movie is shot in different parts of Mumbai revealing some interesting locations. One of them is a street where a very bold and impressive character called Udan Khatola runs a coin selling business with the school kids. They collect coins from the beggars and sell a packet of 80 coins to the government for rupees 100 in return. Arun Kushwaha, who is an actor belonging to a PWD category having dwarfism, plays the role of Udhan Khatola. Movies should increase the criteria of representation and feature actors from various identities like an actor with a disability, queer and so forth.

Through this journey of looking for her car, Artist makes Nirma believe in herself little by little. He shows her how not to care much about the world. There is a tinch of romance with some life-lessons between them. Overall, for its comedy and concept,it is a movie you would want to watch with your friends & get carried away by one of Abhay Deol’s best performances.

That’s a minute spent well!
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