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Want to sell ? Start right. - Blue Drop Pictures

Want to sell ? Start right.

Times have changed. Lifestyle and ambitions of people have changed. More than 30% of the youngsters today are interested in starting something of their own. Be it e-commerce, social work, NGO, tech, or a creative service each individual entrepreneur has an idea of putting their product/service out right.

Similar to the time, dissemination platforms have changed as well. People are looking for new platforms and creative methods to connect with the buyers and be the most trust able brand for them.
How do we do that?
There is not set rule or a red book that tells how to sell and guarantees sales. All you need to do, is to maintain originality in the simplest of detail you put out about your product. Before you plan to promote your product, be sure of each component/aspect of your product, be it good, bad or ugly. Once you are able to accept your product in true sense and not just sales, your creative head or the agency you hire for the same is clear about the messaging and the content packaging your product.
Do not get bothered.
It often happens that your product or the page (social media platforms, website etc) is not getting the same amount of response as your competitors. And that’s normal. You should try and understand the reason behind the response instead of getting worried. There are times we as entrepreneurs get blinded by our own product and our understanding of the same. All we need to do is to look at the same product differently, try stepping into the buyers shoe.
Identify the sales
It is very important that we identify the areas (geographic and virtual) from where the product gets maximum attention. There are times that financial and creative investment goes in for sales of the product in the wrong market. This is where targeting the audience comes in play. If you know the right age group to focus on for the product then you are going to reap positive results.
Trend Changer
Each one wants to be a trend changer or the maker. However what one often forgets is the purpose of being any of it. To be a trend changer, you need to have an out of the box product or a service. For e.g. if you are selling ordinary jewellery then you cannot be the trend setter until your designs are different or the material you use to make the jewellery has been non existent in the industry such as coconut hair and what not. Once your product is out of the box or different from the lot, you can step in to the marketing side of things, where you showcase the product and set a trend. Show its usage. Own up to its pros and cons.
Still reading?
If you are still not clear in your head about your start point, then stop all that you are doing right away. Take a break, talk to people who are from different backgrounds, take a holiday, just breathe and restart your thinking. There is no such thing as the right start, but what exists is the right move.
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