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The Pitch

I am sure each one of you has had to make a pitch in life for one thing or the other. Whether we make a pitch for projects, creatives, job, an ideal partner, to get a loan or to just take a break – it’s all a pitch to bosses, friends, folks etc.
Now, how many times have we made a pitch to ourselves?
Hmm…rarely? C’mon accept it, you have never made a pitch to self and trust me that’s absolutely okay.
However, in this tragically busy life, we need to start considering the idea of making pitches to self, or else we will end up being a coil eventually transforming into a barbed wire in a deserted corporate life.
I am not asking you to pack your bags and go for a weekend getaway or change your job if you don’t like it. If you wish to…then who can stop you, but try and empathize with this thought now.
It’s morning, faint voices of the street are heard. Morning prayers are being chanted distantly, you turn the other way and raise your leg to keep it on your pillow, slightly pulling over your sheet and diving in a sleep alot more comforting.
Your day eventually starts and you are all by yourself and actually thinking about something as simple as what to cook for brunch instead of picking up your phones and ordering from zomato, foodpanda or swiggy.
Your decision might be as simple as starting your day with cups of tea and reading the newspaper leading to you lazing around in different positions around different corners of your house.
Some of us might just want to read a book…while some might just go to parlour or hit the football field. But the idea of giving yourself a day to feel connected with self is what is missing from todays lifestyle.
When we sit by ourselves, there are various thoughts that pass our mind, some might be related to work, to a person or simply random.
When you get off your bed to not rush office, or be worried about your maid, neighbour, traffic, target, clients or have a hangover – it feels great. This is the moment when you consider self.
I have friends who like to cycle through the cities flaunting their calfs or ride the bullet shaking the next mans heart. They do it because they like it, they feel rejuvenated. They barely care about expressing their trips or riding experiences the next day, as they are content and connected to self.
When we start doing things that make us feel content is when we know we are connected to self.
So incase you are still wondering about this article, then you should really consider making a pitch to self instead.
The sooner you make a pitch, the better you’ll feel!
By Saumya Srivastava