COVID film and video production series by Blue Drop Pictures

Ep 1

Who knew that something that was a piece of news around 9 months back would become our reality? The bizarre turn of events that the pandemic has caused is globally undeniable… Yet at the same time, the smallest of ideas that can make a trail of change to co-exist in the designated difficult times cannot be ignored. Many businesses have had a major hit, and many shut, but what really makes the difference are the upcoming brands and the revamping of existing practices to fit with the current needs.

The creative bending of ways to explore the various ways of ‘holding the nose’ that will fit the requirements of the times is exactly what will help all of us to sail through the high tides. Talking about bending and exploring, as a production house, the making of the smallest of the films/ads calls for a team effort. Even for the smallest of videos, it takes a minimum of 10 – 20 people bearing the responsibility of the nanoscopic details to make the film what it is. It marks the quality and grades the success of the production as a whole, let alone be the larger productions needing a grand scape of teams.

Is it really sane to invest time in thinking of producing a film without risking our lives anymore? More than the error in the physical environment of operations, the trivia of the psychological foundations, the fears, and the anxiety that a large number of the population is going through is the bigger fight. The general paranoia of stepping out of the house and doing daily chores which are no less than dark affairs anymore is the first barrier we as humans have to fight through.
We at Blue Drop Pictures are aiming at achieving the best of results in the fight against the pandemic and well we gave it our best shot too. There’s no definite rulebook or checklist that gives a 100% assurance that no harm, or in this case, no virus will come across our way. The Pandemic productions are Bluedrop’s story of coexisting with the infected ecosystem and coming out of it sound and safe. In a world where everything is a risk, uncertainty is the new certain, and life and death are the two sides of the same coin, making a decision to live each
day doing what we love doing is the dare we take.

Truth is, we have to change our perspective, we need to see opportunities and work towards a plan. Here’s our BDP 101 handbook, feel free to add more pages to it

1. So far as the lockdown lifted its weight a little, we went through a couple of productions with a team shortened by more than 50% than usual.

2. The studio and Equipment sanitized 2 hours before the shoot.

3. Once the setup is done, not more than 5 people in a space, including the cast.

4. Temperatures checked every second hour during the shoot.

5. Gloves are worn and faces are covered with shields and masks.

6. Regulations of quarantine of 5 days for all the team members before and post the shoot.

7. Disposable water bottles were bought and sanitized for all.

8. Which calls for 1-2 sanitizer bottles available at every 10 steps for the crew.

9. Food cooked and packed at home for all to avoid any more contact than already made.

10. Practising the art of BYOF (Bring your own Food), is preferred.

11. A mandatory temperature report of all the members for the next 10 days after the shoot.

12. And finally, a socially distanced group photo, only if possible.

And to be fair, it was not easy, the constant urge to wipe off the sweat but the discomfort of the gloves and the practical plastic sheet disabling any touch so far made concentrating on the shoot a little more of a challenge, and maintaining time, a lot more. But the idea of coming out of it safely and to be more prepared with the new normal is what drove the entire crew. Even after hearing the two sweet words – PACK UP! The heartbeat would stay upbeat for the next 7-10 days. It was a pleasure in this pain, the success in this misery that we all created by taking care of ourselves as individuals and hence contributing to the wellness of our team, friends, and family that made the end result much better.

J.K. Rowling rightly said, and we are sure it has been experienced at much greater levels

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of moments if only one remembers to turn on the light.”

There is no way we can survive by being exactly what we were yesterday, sticking to what wedid last night, we live here, we live right now, and our very next breath depends on the decision we make for now. Wreck the notion of staying put, and start digging around your ways of being safely productive. Whatever your battle with the pandemic looks like, we’d love for you to share.
It’s not always easy, how can it be? It’s #ThePandemicProduction.

If you want to name a chapter on your brand in our book of Pandemic Productions, do write to us at – We’re more than happy and much more prepared to shoot our next for your brand.

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