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Tea Tales

How often do we see our mothers, aunts, siblings go to a kitty party or simply sit for hours on a table and chat about the worlds most trivial issues like “Sharma ki maid” or “Chaya’s Bahu” or “Kriti’s husbands affair” and what not.. ?

This is not just centred around woman, but also men. The only difference being they would discuss this over a drink or a smoke more than discussing this over a simple cup of tea.
We don’t really need to reveal the speaker, listener, audience, and the dialogue writer of these kind of conversations?
No right?
Somewhere in the books of mass communication there was a line, “humans need common topic of conversation for their survival.”
But I believe, not only we share a common topic but also a common destination for having conversation which by the way, is much more informative than any of those CBI shows, and that destination is nothing else but just a few cups of tea.
Tea is not just a drink, it connects people to different cultures and we all are always fascinated by the stories that they hold in their leaves.
Use of tea in India is much beyond that tea cup. Its almost our National drink.
We may live in an increasingly digital world, but that doesn’t take away the importance of stepping back and spending quality time with friends – face to face. A pot of tea can be the perfect centerpiece for a table around which your closest friends and family members are gathered. Tea is one singular thing that make never ending conversations filled with overflowing memories.
Sipping from your home till those hills warming up your hands around its rim, holding it for hours to be with someone and what not.. Sips of tea are like breaths of energy and freshness for menfolk after their return from work in the evening. They hit the couch with cups of tea and shed weariness by drinking this hot beverage. Moreover, the tea table is a place for family get-together in some households on weekend evenings, those Sunday mornings.
Even though I truly believe these “tea tales” yield no result and time consumed is directly proportional to procrastination, but somehow it has proved to be the most popular and perfectly blended in our world culture from centuries ago.
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