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Sold For Madness

“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.”

How many of us really know this quote? And do you know by whom? Na na , don’t just get to google.

Well if you have already lost faith in yourself, and your imagination then i must tell you the above ‘quote’ is said by the famous, the beloved, the only – CHARLIE CHAPLIN.

Well how does it matter? …the next generation may not even know him until its a GK based question asked in some quiz show or may be in books or in Cinema as a ‘classic’.

I don’t know for how long people will! Last week I visited my grandmother. And while i was in my zone figuring out life , tragedy, comedy, drama etc etc – she coincidently brought out the topic of how  she as a kid would wait for the next bio-scope to come, or a ramleela to happen. The sweet and sour excitement of seeing a HOUSE-FULL written on a board was the part that got glow to her face.

That got me thinking to how many times has it been that I watch something or eagerly wait for a film or an episode or  just my amazon parcel to come in?? Its all so trackable nowadays that i just don’t care! I wish I had her glow atleast for once for something! Hmmmmm….. now thats interesting.

From the age old nukkad nataks to a theatre show,  from screenplays till movies, newspapers to on phone apps, media has progressed like never before. Serials now days are a part of every man’s life, “I mean dude seriously what on earth are you doing if you did not watch the latest episode of AIB?? oh..**** did u watch the roast.. no!!?? jeez.. which world do you belong to?” are some statements we often hear.

There are even memes I come across these days “Normal people: one episode per night Me: one season per night” Like wow! Why Don’t you tell me more about it! “Telling about life: 00:02 Telling about the last series I watched: 23:42:05” That was really wonderful, I wonder how much more successful you are going to be!

This is actually OUR current situation . In this world of transformation where development is an ongoing process, what happens next in “13 reasons why- season 2” is the most important research. In the world where even 0.1% matters, competition is actually going on about who has watched most of the series. Gb pe Gb kharachne ko tyyar hain sab! but 1 rupay ka sikka bhi nahi nikalta hai real life mai! Sahi hai!

The best part of it all is, we the audience are so interested in having a blind run.  We don’t even realize how much money we spend on stuff that has no relation to life at all, and why not take advantage of fools like us? Same content, different actors, and there we go with another series! Dude go watch it today, it’s so new! so hot! so #trendy.  But is it? Internet, being a worthy  platform to spread content, to discover and explore, to share and earn, is being used as a place as typical Mumbai fish market!

Now c’mon all of us have visited the fish market at least once in our life. And i can bet with you that there is no difference in we buying ‘SEA FOOD’ from the machi market or spend on ‘it’ on the web. Ladies there are shouting on the top of their voices trying to sell their product without even realizing their voices are not even making sense similar to the competition among producers selling same content but different basket. Is the content making sense or are we just vultures hungry for dead content.

Alia’s IQ can be laughed upon, but really choosing that to earn…clearly shows the ‘I’ Quotient.

All I am suggesting is that when we say ‘content is the king’, is because content holds an intention. An intention to communicate emotions, fun, slice of life, joy, empathy, sympathy, action, thriller, brain teasers and much more. Irrespective of the medium being used, this content on screen creates an impact. And if this medium is loosely handled then we are at risk.

Why not look at creating content like a lot of people do (why not consider Kalki’s youtube channel Un-blushed as an example) and make it worth an item that cannot be sold of the human memory shelf that easily.

‘In the end, everything is a gag’ – Charlie Chaplin

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