Shot on my iphone!

When world famous directors make a movie with an iPhone, you pay attention because it’s certainly not for lack of resources. You pay attention to it, because all of a sudden you ask yourself as a filmmaker, do I really need a truck load of equipment to start?

One of the examples is Mr. Steven Soderbergh, who filmed the psychological horror movie ‘Unsane’ starring Claire Foy entirely on an iPhone 7 Plus in 10 days. You heard that right!

With the evolution of I-phones over the decades, the increasing complexity in its photography capabilities has risen up a recent interest in the filmmakers to use it as a medium for filmmaking.

From shooting Tangerine, a film about a transgender sex worker ” by the director Sean Baker, to the Oscar-winning documentary “Searching for Sugar Man,” here is a list of feature films shot with iPhones.

1. Unsane:
Often known as one of Soderbergh’s best movies, specifically because of the proximity the iPhone gives him to the camera’s subjects and the plot. “Free of cumbersome equipment, Soderbergh wields his camera with the agility of a pencil flying along a sketch pad,” Richard Brody writes. “I think this is the future,” Soderbergh tells IndieWire. “Anybody going to see this movie who has no idea of the backstory to the production will have no idea this was shot on the phone. On why he used an iPhone, Soderbergh has said, “I wanted to liberate myself from all ideas about myself.” It certainly worked.Unsane

2. Tangerine:
It’s the story of how it was made—on an iPhone 5s—that earned it a place in film history and in the Academy Museum. Director Sean Baker was skeptical his film would be accepted as a feature film. But it went on to win several awards and inspire aspiring filmmakers. “I never saw that coming,” he says.

Tangerine3. High flying bird:
The bright and lavish settings in pricey restaurants and powerful office buildings are far different than the settings of Soderbergh’s “Unsane,” but he still found a way to make the iPhone look work, particularly during a basketball game we see through cell phone video shot by teenagers.high-flying-bird


Where Steven Soderbergh’s “Unsane” embraced a more literal “shot on
iPhone” look, not particularly intending to hide the fact, his latest “High Flying
Bird” shows a much more polished result.

But that’s all about the big shots. The sleek device motivated a handful of
Indian enthusiasts to work on the same lines, and well, they undoubtedly took
out the best from the opportunity. Check out for yourself.

1. Zoo:
Director-producer Anurag Kashyap has recently shot a whole film with Apple iPhone 6 along with the director Shlok Sharma. Name of the film is ‘Zoo’. Shweta Tripathi who started her career from the film ‘Masaan‘, she is playing a lead role in the film. Shweta while taking about the film says, ‘Anurag always motivates us to do better. When we went to Anurag with this film’s idea, then Anurag and Shlok got ready to produce this film.’

2. Lovers Club:
Lovers Club is a Telugu movie directed by Indian Film maker Dhruv Sekhar, which was shot completely with an iPhone 6s Plus using Moondog Labs anamorphic Lens. The thriller released in 2017 and has been appreciated by all. Made by Dhruv Sekar, this movie holds no restriction on the kind of direction it wanted. From action to underwater
shots, the movie has it all.

3. Soul in Sole:
Written and directed by India’s yet another budding artist, Mukul Sharma, Soul in sole is shot entirely on iphone 5s. Another example of finding a way if you have the will to do it. Even though soul in sole didn’t receive as much recognition, but the very fact that it is shot on i-phone makes it a little different from other films.

If anyone needed further proof that while it may still be an unconventional choice, an iPhone in the right hands is capable of some very remarkable wonders, this is it!
Pick up your phone, who knows what revolution awaits next!

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