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Living with Animal - Blue Drop Pictures

Living with Animal

Loneliness is an unwelcome guest we all have to serve no matter what. In this world when even after having 7 billion creatures of same kind we have loneliness still empowering most of humans, it feels good to have something different by our side. Having pets these days is almost a 6 out of 10 trend these days and I belonging to the majority exactly knows the feel of having a pair of eyes and a devil mind staring at you wanting to pet it or play with it.

Shout out to all those having pet dogs like me. Our mornings begin with a tail shaking at a speed faster than electricity and our faces wet with salaiva of our friend from a different end!

Dogs are so loyal and so intelligent apart from being undeniably cute as always.

Cats…cheers to all those torn clothes and fizzy net balls sacrificed for a pair of sharp eyes which I sometimes wish I had.

Talking of myself, I had a pet zoo of my own. Parrots, rabbits, rabbits ke bachhe, lovebirds, dog, and a fish aquarium. And yes, a neighborhood cat used to visit twice a day too.

It’s a really special feeling to be around them. They become family, you cry when they cry and vice versa, you talk to them and they listen patiently, they understand your emotions, you play with them, you laugh, eat, dance, scold…oh gaauud! You just do everything!! You live with them! And they are nothing less than a family.

Apart from connection and attachments there is so much more to living in their company. You learn so much from them, and they too adapt in our language so easily.

Living with one or many of them changes your entire view of seeing this world. Street dogs are no longer just filthy animals but personified beggars you compassionately give food to.

Birds on trees no longer just chirp around but sing to you in their beautiful voices.

Cats are not just witty selfish creatures but loyal furrball you always wish to have.

Even those rhinos and giraffes and zebras…you quite seem to understand them all in a completely different manner.

Isn’t that amazing? Out of 7 billion similar creatures we find our forever companions in those animals we don’t even understand completely, yet it’s the best bond you had. Isn’t it?

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