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Journalism Today

“Chester Bennington, age 41, hung himself to death on 20 may 2017.” 

Minutes after his corpse was rescued, social media had a blast! As shocking as the news was, the conspiracies that followed to fulfill the lust of curiosities shook me more. Some “journalists” even claim that he saw a UFO just before he died! And even though some reports made sense, many were even lame than the aliens. In traditional journalism, when a reporter has aroused the reader’s or listener’s curiosity with a news story, there is a duty to satisfy that curiosity. Many news reports raise questions, particularly: “So what happens next?” Having given your audience an appetite for the story, you have a duty to provide answers to those kinds of questions. Not any dumb attractive imagination, the truth!

These days I notice the audience is fed with news that is INTERESTING. As long as the TRUTH is fantasizing, we want to know everything.

The grand failure of course, is that when the show is over, there is no action. Merely a ‘thank you.’ Nothing sticks. Not scandal, slander, corruption, indictment. Like slime, it simply slides off. Arnab Goswami, the top most journalist of India, in my opinion is highly unethical.

Goswami has turned boorish belligerence into a populist art form: His haranguing of his panellists, his relentlessly loud tone, and his clothing himself—metaphorically—in military fatigues or the national tricolour, have earned him the jingoistic support of an audience which wants to see gladiatorial fights, and not information. The problem in the is-it-or-isn’t-it-journalism debate arises from the relatively new idea of ordinary people publishing online some of them reporting news unlike the work for real newspapers who edit and fact check these type of things. The line between journalism and personal publishing is a blurry one, thanks to new ubiquitous tools that make it possible for anyone to publish and report news. Media journalism, though is a great platform of opportunities, but at the same time it was found that 60% of the posts on social media were made up words. Online Journalism is an evolution; it’s even easier to get published online. However, I honestly don’t think that it can replace the concreteness of print or traditional journalism practices etc. As long as print is making money traditional journalism is here to stay.

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