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First day at college! - Blue Drop Pictures

First day at college!

I was just about to hit the ground after a fail paragliding 585ft. above the land when suddenly I woke up to the sound of song, “Closer” at ‘dark’ hours of seven thirty in the morning. It wasn’t bad enough until I found myself looking at a not so familiar face in a not at all familiar place. I’m sure it took me almost 8 to 10 seconds to get back in my total senses and realize my new roommate was trying to wake me up and in the 10th second there was an absolute rush of adrenaline…THE FIRST DAY OF MY COLLEGE WAS ABOUT TO START IN JUST ONE AND A HALF HOUR!

What was yours like? The initials that you felt at the beginning? That first step in the campus,…that  insta or snapchat story of “NEW COLLEGE, NEW LIFE” ? Or to those of you who have not been there yet, what do you dream it to be like?

Let’s see how my experiment with the new truth went like…

23rd July, 2013

No, it is not yet the date of my first day in the actual college, but being a hostler, it was the day when I first set my foot in the campus just to settle in. To be honest, of what I expected or rather thought, I was totally satisfied on the contrary.

The hostel room sucks, the food is totally off my beats of taste buds, being non a/c as it is the temperature was hotter than the top hot models we have on ramps, there were no lifts to my room on the 4th floor, can you imagine, it was just me and the STAIRS!  and as we say to top the cake with a cherry, parents were not at all allowed to go in the rooms which implied ME being the one who unpacks all the 6 big bags and settle them in and NOT MY MOTHER!


But okay fine, I’m not the only one, right? You did remember something and smile?


And yes, here comes the better part, my room mates were amazing, #yayyy moment! And not only the roommates, all the girls in my block of 4th floor were totally what I wished for! Except 2 or 3 which by the way is a necessity too! for the time being. 😉


24th July, 2013


In my case there is nothing to boast about how tough it was to get admission as My University didn’t let me struggle much, I hope you understand. But yes, getting the dream course of B.A. in Journalism and Mass Media in one of the top rated private universities was something to be happy about for me. As my restlessness was getting over my head and patience like you all know tends to take a back seat then.


Oh and not to forget the 3 mistakes of my life (pun intended) – One that I woke up late to realise what I really wanted post 12th. Second that I applied for BA Law across the country, and last but not the least I realised after 2 months of being into Law applications that wait!! … I think Iwant to get into Journalism. Oh yeah! and then begins the famous Balaji telefilms reactions… haha


Continuing from where I left, it was 9.00 a.m. when the three of us left the hostel in the H-Block to the J-Block of the campus and feel the air we have to live with for the next 3 years. A deep breath was taken in at that moment and exhaled with so much delicacy that even I dint know I was breathing out. Only sweet tickling sensation and subtle thrills across my body.


I’ll always remember that totally lost feeling. As I walked in the hall, I was nervous, I saw many and many faces, none of them known to me. All these animals in the jungle were the ones I’ll be spending my years with. And most importantly I’ll have to make friends among them. I had no option, apart from the fact that my options were already in 100s.


The day was all about fulfilling all the responsibilities of getting myself registered. I settled myself somewhere between the benches and surrounded myself with the only 3 4 familiar sounds I heard from the night earlier. I came across three kinds of people, totally good looking but totally dumb, totally witty but no dressing sense and third awesome people with right witty and good looks. Me? Honestly I am a mix of the three.


Within a few hours, all of this started settling in and it wasn’t that bad either! Seniors were so helpful I couldn’t exactly remember when was the last time someone talked to me with so much love! Overall, the day went well. Until obviously it started raining and I went to that humid room wet, believe me the combination was a disaster.


Next 3 days were all about orientation and then the life as it follows. I really think I’m not yet prepared but after all nothing ever goes as per the plan right!


We guys have already cancelled the trip to goa before actually planning it. ya ya living the Dil Chahta Hai moment etc etc..


With all this happening and newer engagements to new life, I finally set my eyes on the ceiling of my room and went off to sleep with the sound of water droplets outside the window and smell of odomos on my hands.


All of us have a different vibe and experience at our first day of college.. mine was this! what was it for you..

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