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Dream City of India - Blue Drop Pictures

Dream City of India

“Ik cheez ke hain kai naam yaha
Zara hat ke zara bach ke
Ye hai bambai meri jaan
Ai dil hai mushakil jeena yaha
Zara hat ke zara bach ke
Ye hai bambai meri jaan”
Since 90s the beauty along with its dark sides of this hub had been recognized and fantasized, so why not talk about the dream city today, Mumbai!
My first steps in the town were because of this one olympiad that led me enter the big and famous and old and magnificent and…okay…the Bombay stock exchange!
Let me tell you what fascinated me the most there that day. In front of one of the entries of Asia’s biggest finance institution was this small market. Very small market of people who may not even know what stock exchanges are supposed to mean. The irony of our entire country was settled deep within me. Maybe entire world!
We have heard and read and watched so many beautiful places of this never down town. But it’s not in those big buildings or “oh god look at that sunset” beaches the beauty rests, it is in those never silent fish markets and those chauls that have children dreaming to be big film stars like the one om that billboard just in front of their rooms.
It was a mere 2 day trip which left me even more emptier than before, not because I was not able to visit all the dream places, but because I was yet to know the reality that I never knew was the real charm.
Mumbai, a hub of opportunities, a land of impossibilities, a place full of awestruck realities, the city that never sleep. The capital of Maharashtra holding 100 million people in its wonders, is the best destination for a person who wants to live life at its fullest.
Setting your first step in the land will at once fill your heart to explore the town on your own terms because there is so much more to it than “7 reasons you must visit Mumbai”
Talking about food, I would preferably recommend the street food that varies from wada pav to pani puri from street to street. Shopping here is a delight, a real sweet to the suitcase but a bit sour to wallets though!
It’s a perfect place of culture and history blended with modernisation at the same place. Two parallel worlds if would ever collide, then Mumbai will be it’s perfect destination!
Even though, it was a visit of two days and a large number of peeks through books and television earlier, the city imprinted it steps on the land of my memories.
When going to the city of dreams you may not be able to change even the flow of wind but even the slightest of breeze that you will feel is going to change you forever!
If I continue, it can go on forever, so instead why don’t you pay a visit that will be worth a lifetime. So hey, what is Mumbai for you?

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