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Design to a lay man! - Blue Drop Pictures

Design to a lay man!

What comes to your mind when you read or hear the word “DESIGN”?OR even simple why do you become choosy for things on the basis of its design? We all think we know everything about what a design is. We encounter it every day everywhere whether its the furniture you buy or the clothes you wear, even from classy handbags to a spacious suitcases.

But is that all? What about us? What about the city, the landscape, the shape of clouds floating across the sky always hovering over our heads? Isn’t the universe in our eyeballs and split ends of our hair, our thoughts, emotions, dreams and desires, a perfect unique design in its own?

To a person with no art in his hands, or someone who isn’t very good at expressing the creative skills within, what is design to them? And combining the above statement altogether let’s say what is design to me!

The first thing that used to pop in my mind was art, you know, when we see something beautifully painted, or any graphical or floral print on my favourite tees. All the daily basic.

But then there came one question in my mind: When does a design start or rather where does it all begin and where is it heading? There are thousands of answers and not one exact answer that followed.

Not only objects, it is there in everything in life we are unaware of. It is in the shape of the sun and how planets revolve around it. It is the stars in the night sky and how they form constellations. And these are very big things, its present even in some small amoeba and how it eats its food. How the thoughts consume us and how the tears are supposed to come first from right eye when in pain and left eye when happy. The zigzag flow of shoelaces and the cracks in our mobile screens. The way you spread your one leg and fold one to the knees while sleeping, from the mobile cover in your hands right now to the choice of shoes of your brother, colours, prints, style, mood, feelings, taste, its present in everything. e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!

Design, just one single word that has the power to create or break the theory of everything around us. There are many definitions to the word. But now that I dig deeper I don’t think that it can be enclosed within a few words. What is design to you? And what is design to me? Some say it is a way to make things better, some believe in its materialistic existence, some fall in the trap of its depths. But never in my opinion can you actually learn or define all the designs that exist. Can you?

From the waves of oceans to the trail that a snake leaves behind, from the body shape you own to the one you yearn to have, from the dreams that comfort your sleep to the ones that won’t let you blink, from the curve of your smiles to the paint on your tiles, from the shape of your basketball to the way you crossover, its present EVERY WHERE!

So yes, now let me ask you one thing again…

What comes to your mind NOW when you hear the word DESIGN?

© Blue Drop Piuctres 2017