December Movie Mania

Clocks are ticking fast as 2018 is at its end. A lot more awaits as the calendar changes every year, and it’s time to look back one last time before the New Year’s Eve is celebrated.

It’s December, a month of countless hot chocolate and cosy blankets. ‘Netflix and chill’ as you call it. So make sure this December as the year ends, you haven’t missed any of what the eighteenth of two thousand had to offer with a huge bowl of popcorns.

Netflix and Prime originals are the next big techies coming up with content that competes with any other movie platform, and while the big hits of Bollywood/ Hollywood were celebrated on the big screens and the red carpet, let’s make a checklist and tick on some great series and films that 2018 had to offer.

Films you don’t want to miss out-

22nd July: (

For a glimpse of the terrifying Norway attacks of 2011, it’s a beautiful direction that thrills you with every passing second, and give you chills to the very core. Let go of some sugarcoated happy endings and love stories that you wish were yours to be true and let’s get real.

On the other side of the wind: (

On the other side of the wind, the last direction of Orson Welles is a true piece of art and when I say art, I refer to the style and story it offers. After 40 years of the entire process of making this film, what else do you expect if not a Masterpiece!

Kissing booth: (

A light romantic dilemma for all the Cupid lovers. The movie had quite a word of mouth and you might be one of the 80% people who has already watched it, but for those who didn’t, I’d rather you not miss out on this chick flick.

Mute II: (

Might seem to be a love story, this film unravels the city of Berlin and the screams hidden deep beneath the silences of shadows. It’s a must watch thriller mystery, that no doubt is a success when it comes to playing with the audience’s minds.

Apostle 2018: (

Directed by Gareth Evans; “Apostle is a harrowing occult fable where the only thing more horrifying than madness is the sinister reality behind it.” The description says it all.

First Match: (

It’s not just another sport’s story, the film reveals what it takes to survive, what it demands to rise up, how hard accepting the truth can be. But most of all it’s a story of what it feels like to be a disappointment for the ones you love the most.

Won’t you start your new year having some really beautiful insights into art and life?

That’s not it, some gold series are a must watch.

Stay connected and book your tickets for a jam-packed December on the bed.

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