End of digital drama b/w Digitisation, Digitalisation and Digital Transformation

Digital revolution has been a game changer for every type of industry.We might have witnessed major digital developments across the globe, but we continue to face chaos as well.But not to worry, our aim in this post is to put at end to the digital drama (chaos) between Digitisation, Digitalisation and Digital Transformation and gain clarity on these topics.

To begin with….

Do we remember the time, when we used to carry hard copies of our boarding pass??And now the ticket details are sent to our mail?

Or let’s take another example, let’s say Mr X scanned a signed document and converted it into PDF.

ThIs conversion of non digital formats to digital formats to make the information available and accessible in digital format is Digitization.

Digitalization on the other hand, is the process of employing digital technologies to provide inter-connectivity and presumable benefit to individuals and businesses.

To understand Digitalization better, let’s take the case of Cloud Computing.Cloud Computing  is the delivery of IT services online in the cloud, which has been adopted by many companies now.. to improve their IT infrastructure.It is secure, as it protects the information, prevents data loss and allows effective and protected storage solution.

For example: You misplaced or forgot to bring your Id proof at the airport, but you don’t panic as you had scanned and sent your id proof on your mail and later to which you saved it on your drive.Here, Gmail and Google Drive are examples of cloud computing which are helping businesses in every possible way.

Digitalization in this way has led to the improvement of business processes and simplification of specific operations to a greater degree.This process has enabled much of the phenomena today known as the Internet of Things, Industrial Internet, Industry 4.0, Big data, machine to machine communication, blockchain, cryptocurrencies etc.

Also, Digitalization has helped businesses create new business models and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities, which has led to Digital Transformation.

Moving on to Digital Transformation…It is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business resulting in fundamental changes to how businesses operate and how they deliver value to the customers.

With the latest advancement in respect to online travel booking agencies, service aggregators like Expedia, Booking.com, It’s Competitor Airbnb is not only digitally transforming the hospitality industry but actually bringing disruption with the help of technology.

Airbnb is a perfect example to define digital transformation as it has transformed customer experience, transformed operational processes, and transformed existing business models.

Here,Digital transformation is about more than digital products and services; it’s also about the processes that create, enable, manage, and deliver them.

At the end we can sum it up by saying…

Digitization is the conversion, Digitalization is the process, and digital transformation is the total and overall societal effect of digitalization, which are all interlinked and thus, are contributing factors of growth and development of any economy.

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