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Chor Bazar - Blue Drop Pictures

Chor Bazar

“Beneath birds circling under summer skies, Out of the normal world there is another life that lies..

Set somewhere between noises and deals A place few conceive and fewer choose to have a feel!

Make your way through the crowded lanes Find your stuff but first go through pain…

A universe of things that interests a few, From vintage works to stolen paintings new!

Thieves you call those who filled this place Still you come here sealing the case?

So take a chance and find your way, And if you see beyond you may

Find that what you get is what you never sought. Chor Bazaari is beyond something you thought!” I was going through the famous “Mamu Bhanja” market in Aligarh city trying to find out a best fit for the vacant corner of my house. On return what stayed with me of the place was of course its name! but also its fame… You can seriously find all sorts of stuff here and at the cheapest price of course… Well that actually depends on your bargaining power.

Chor bazaar is not a place to be visited online by reading some buzzed article of “14 reasons why..” and so on. A different world having similarities of its own. Distinctive in nature and product type, with no guarantee of sale. Each product is uniquely got and sold like a golden egg. No guarantee no warranty – just 3 word theory works here – ‘Hunt Buy and Bounce’. This market has surely witnessed all kinds of days, right from pick pocketing, small scale gambling, hiding goods from the police and much more.  What must have started from 2 or 3 small business shops is now a hub of more than 500 shops cluttered on the lanes of the area. On sale are items ranging from vintage Bollywood movie posters to cheap electronic goods, automobile accessories and the handsomest of them all being old Indian arti-facts. Some stolen, some junk, some rescued from the sea – all things in a chor bazar are bought at ones own risk. The market is messy, chaotic and noisy but beneath the seeming madness, there is a lifestyle, completely different and obviously condemned. But as much as it is criticised at some point we have all been here either to buy or just for the adrenaline of the place.

Even though I always thought that why can’t it be called “SHOR BAZAAR”, the silent fantasy of ‘Raste ka maal Saste mei’ market is undeniable. The concept has an innate vibration of its own. Many of us want to own a classy rolex watch but none of us wants to tell the reality of how we got! Laughing at he shopkeeper’s gut of asking for 800 rupees when you bought it for 250.  Or maybe he is laughing at you too.. i hope you have checked the trademark of the watch.. and not picked up a fake piece. 😉 😉 But don’t you worry… whether that Gucci bag you flaunt or that huge living room vintage clock – your secret’s safe ! So yes, if you have not been to chor bazaar in your city, STOP HOLDING YOURSELF BACK! You are definitely going to love the experience and you never know what good strikes you from there! Inline image 1 Its a famous saying, “Things that we lose always find a way of coming back to us.” But if you don’t find those things even in the chor bazaar, then believe me they AREN’T COMING! haha…

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