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Changing Channels - Blue Drop Pictures

Changing Channels

Zindagi ke is bade se tamashe mei

Ek kirdaar tum ho …ek hum hi toh hain

Kaboo karne ka Haq, kabse rakha hai tumhare haath mei

Badal dena… jazbaat hi toh hain

Phir yun hi chalte chalte ek kirdaar nibhane aao agar

Toh kuch der ruk kar jana, teri bandagi mei azaad hi toh hain.


4 alphabets that have infinite meanings. A different meaning for each one who lives it.

Same journey of 22 years as I am in is travelled by maybe millions and it amuses me to imagine how different and curious there stories are. We have so many emotions…many we have names for but I still believe there are those emotions so deep and so indescribable, unnamed, but I know sometimes you feel that too…don’t you?

It’s always fun for me to relate this journey with a television.

Yeah you read that right! See, this life is a big television and the experience you go through are your own decisions, the channels you see are of your own choices!
We change the channels we don’t like and we watch a few for hours. We have the right, the control on everything, but still all you can do is change the channel not the show that is being shown can you?

All I mean to imply is you and your emotions and your situations all are in your control but you can only decide the way it is going to be not HOW it is supposed to be.

We go to school and we graduate and in this entire process we meet many many many people. Some are always unseen… unknown forever. We never come across there shows.
We like a few channels. We get attracted towards a few but eventually the turning of events disinterest us.

And then you know its between all those channels there are a few different sets of numbers you memorize and then there is this one channel you don’t change…your constant…your forever favorite, that’s what love is maybe.
After working on the daily chores, when you want to do something for yourself, you see that remote waiting for you. The buttons that are controlled by your heart make you crave to watch that channel, to know about its shows, to talk to that person, to know his story. What are the ads all about and what are the different shows that leave you awestruck, the things he do in free time and his different sides of past and his dreams of future. Everything just…isn’t that perfect?
You never know when the shows are gonna disappoint you, you never know if the story will end leaving you clueless for days, maybe it will be your forever companion.

Whatever happens remember one thing.

There are still a large number of channels and the remote will always be in your hands!

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