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Childhood is the best part of life. Even though this time passes by with the eagerness to be big adults but now as we are in our respective ages, I wish to go back to that park and make a castle out of mud just for once. Very often you sit on the couch sipping the perfect taste of your morning coffee or tea or whatever and sometimes suddenly you wish to replace the file or newspaper in your hand with a comic book and the taste no longer feels better than that mandatory cup of bournvita milk! Memories definitely hit you hard and make you feel a part of some beautiful moments once again all at the same time. Even though I will never understand this magic but its great it exists. Today was just one of those many normal days going as per the daily schedule when my eyes caught his eyes! The way he smiled back gave me chills! It has been about 5 years when I last saw him. So many memories flashed inside me. After all this time?


Cheeku… Hah! I know many of you still didn’t get it. Cheeku the rabbit from my favourite favorite comic book CHAMPAK!


Books have always been my best friends, dependable, trustworthy and champak was the first of all. They are always there sitting where you last left them waiting for you to pick them up. Champak is an ordinary monthly children’s magazine that was eagerly awaited in my days. The depiction of animal characters in its stories was and is something that all kids still love about Champak. It was really beautiful how an ordinary story consisting a few animals had all sorts of emotions in it. The images of animals giving all sorts of expressions gave life to it! Every month two dates used to be most special 1st and 15th coz thats when my grandfather used to being the new edition of the book. Growing up with siblings is all about those silly fights isn’t it? I remember those fights with my brother and one of the hot topic was who is going to read Champak first. When I had my chances I remember in that one moment I used to forget the reality of me and would indulge myself deeply as the character of the story. Some days I was Chinki the sparrow and Robby the bear the other! My favorite animal character, a rabbit named Cheeku, continues to amuse me even today.


Seriously, Champak for most of Indian matures need no description. The name itself brings magic. Haven’t most of you today enjoyed your wonderful childhood and school vacations reading Hindi issue of this popular magazine? The “Dekho has na dena” pages were a rare  treasure of jokes at that time. I literally used to memorize a few to make my friends laugh the other day at school. It made spreading smiles so much easier! Along with all the happiness on the inside the best part was the attractive covers. Always new and always fun!


I know it usually goes like, “Don’t judge the book by its cover!”


But you are free to judge this one! It makes the whole thing way better so go on people…judge!


My favorite one, I remember was an image of a fat man using his own belly as a table. As simple as it may sound to imagine, the image never blurs! There are books that you read in your free time and then there are a few for whom you have to free some time!


Champak was definitely the latter.

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