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Cartoons of the 90s! - Blue Drop Pictures

Cartoons of the 90s!

If you were a kid from the ’90s, then this is certainly going to bring back some fond memories of when you used to discuss the most important thing of your life, when will Coyote ever kill the Road runner?

You know what is the problem with this generation? Their cartoons suck! Maybe I have seen such amazing animations back at my days that my expectations to watch something that is at least up to that level if not better is never fulfilled. Just like classics bedtime stories, cartoons are timeless too. They are so effortlessly adorable, simple, colorful, fun and yet meaningful. Imagine, a decade ago during 90s, we would not miss a single episode of The Recess or The Duck Tales or The Flintstones for anything in the world. No Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Candy Crush, iPods or iPads! Happiness was packed in a span of an hour back then. Even today, if given a chance I would love to learn from Johny Bravo how “not to” hit on a woman, and eat spinach to be as strong as Popeye. Fights over remote controls, delaying home works, memorizing cartoon timings instead of math tables, skipping meals or eating meal in front of our favorite cartoon series is a familiar sight in each of our memories. Cartoon Network was like our playmate in the most joyous days of our childhood; you want to see friendship? Fights? Teasing? Teaming? Just say anything, tom and jerry had it all! The loony tunes were the only pets I wanted at a time. And honestly, no women empowerment documentary could ever teach me more about the strength of females than The Power Puff Girls. I watched a lot of TV as a kid. A lot. It’s not because I hated sunlight or human interaction, the latter is true though now. It’s because the Dexter’s Laboratory consistently captured my imagination, or left me in a fetal position on the living room floor from laughing so hard. When you look up episodes of these old shows online, one thing is clear: 90s cartoons were odd. At times, totally weird too. That’s what made them fantastic. So tell me who was the most coward dog of our times? Oh his shouts still echo in my mind “na samajh doggie!!”  and by echoing I won’t ever forget pretending to sleep each and every time I heard jigglypuff sang her song in pokemon, please don’t tell me I was the only one? And the song that has captured its lyrics in my mind is, “jungle jungle baat chali h pata chala h…” I remember feeling shy and giggling saying the word “chaddi” in the very next line. The biggest motivating line for me was, “bob the builder! Kar ke dikhayenge, haan bhai haan!” seriously. i could go on and on and on but it still wont be enough.

For me these cartoons are similar to an ocean, and our minds were like sand on the shore. Every time the waves came they took away some of the sand with them, showed them a new world a new life, a new adventure and then brought the sand back on the shore. An entirely new granule! Each and every time! The shows from the 90s era have left us with some endearing memories, which given a chance we would all love to revisit! So, if the makers of these epic shows are reading this somewhere (dragon tales always taught me to hope no matter what), do give it a thought of bringing them back on television sets, and rest assured, you will have a very loyal audience singing praises and showering lots of love!

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