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Blog A Blog

Thinking about writing a blog? Wondering about your first words?

Let’s get started!

For centuries the power of words has had an impact on lives of humans. From a script to a book we’ve witnessed words flowing digitally now. In this era, blogging has evolved as a literary form that has enabled writers to express themselves in ways that were never seen or heard before.

Who ever thought that these day to day incidences you experience could be shared to the whole world and you can have an impact on the lives of thousands by just pressing your fingers on the keypad.

Being a harry potter fan as I am, I read it in one of it’s books, ” Words, in my humble opinion are the most inexhaustible source of magic.” Blogging is about that magic. This digital world or web as we call it is filled with thousand and thousand of blogs. Some share how it felt when their heart pounded after that tracking, some laugh about their own disastrous journey inside the kitchen to finally make that delicious chocolate cake, some take us to the other world filled with their imagination, some share their pain, their misery, their moments of feeling normal in this crazy world and all these are people just like you and me. Some of them are maybe sitting in front of their laptops at this very moment ready to share their magic, their thoughts, their life! But when it comes to writing one of your own, so many thoughts, so many emotions, so many unsaid words that have always wanted to be heard mug up you brain right?

Many of you, even me, go through things at the beginning like,”What are we supposed to write about?” , “Will my words ever make that impact I wanted them to make?”, “How can I make it interesting?”, “Will anyone out there appreciate my thoughts?”, “Will I be able to  fit in?” And what not, Right? Well just so you know I did ask myself this question at least a 100 times before I started and that’s when I realised you don’t have to search something from the outside, just take a look inside yourself and the internet will surely have a blast! Remember that rush of emotions you felt when you fell in love for the first time, pen down the feels you had when something scared you that day! How confusion hit you hard when you wanted to be a writer but your parents spelled it D-O-C-T-O-R. Your first experiences going through the kitchen and what was the shape of your first chapati ( by the way mine was shaped like a puddle, a big black puddle, yeah I burned it!)

Those who are having a rough day out there would maybe smile for a second knowing how the water literally came out of your nose when your best friend made you laugh.

They need you and you fashion sense to impress someone, or maybe themselves!

Write, whoever you are, let the words come out of you, the world wants to know about that trip to goa with friends that actually got cancelled 6 times before finally happening.

Don’t you want to report how the current affairs are actually having an impact in your surroundings?

Make it anything! All of us out there are gifted with same things that make us different, our “Thoughts!”

Make them flow in the form of words coz the world really needs that. I would like to say the same thing to you that I was told by my elder sister once, “Go wild and be free!” Along with a few things that life offers, it feels good to say, “Its never too late to be a blogger!”

So maybe go on a hunt, INSIDE YOURSELF, Today! Next blog is yours!

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