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Master of Suspense, the Hitchcockian era, man behind cinematic revolutions, a legendary director and no less of a writer, Sir Alfred Hitchcock is one true inspiration of cinematic art no matter what genre you choose.
Alfred Hitchcock was born in London on August 13, 1899 and worked in engineering for a short time before joining the film industry in 1920. He left for Hollywood in 1939, where he won an Academy Award for best feature for his first American movie, Rebecca. Hitchcock has produced over 50 movies, including Rear Window, The 39 Steps and Psycho classics.
The shower scene in Psycho. The biplane chase in North by Northwest. The gas station attack in The Birds. They’re some of the most memorable and terrifying scenes in cinema history—and they came from the mind of one man: Alfred Hitchcock. The Master of Suspense, who went by the nickname “Hitch,” is also one of the most recognizable Hollywood icons, and his life was as fascinating as his films.
The one true artist who could scare the strongest of men with his visual arts, ironically was scared of a handful of things himself, which includes Police, eggs, and his own movies. Very well, his fears lied in the most amusing things just like his sense of direction.
His films are marked by a macabre sense of humor and a somewhat bleak view of the human condition. “I am a typed director. If i made Cinderella, the audience would immediately be looking for a body in the coach” he once said in one of his interviews.
He was a strong believer of the fact that people love to enjoy the very thing they fear the most, the sense of being insecure, the sense of adventure, the bloodstream that changes with the heartbeats, life! and so his films depicted the extremes to which a human mind can think. He loved taking up, or even writing for that matter, stories that were nowhere close to common and well, did justice to every story he filmed.
If you haven’t already, then do watch out his classics – psycho, vertigo, the rear window, frenzy etc. and know more about him.
Watch the video to have a glimpse of his view of the world.


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