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A Chick Flick

When you go online an write ‘a chick flick’, you get the first row suggesting films like Bridesmaid, 10 Things I Hate about You, Miss Congeniality,  The Holiday, In her shoes, etc etc. Following that will be articles like “100 movies all girls must watch : Chick Flick”, “22 best check flick movies” etc etc.

The film industry needs its products to be defined by genres in order to reach its target audience. Most films with female protagonists are defined as “chick flicks”

A female beauty with a male protagonist at the background with different stories and same theme is usually the criteria in which we classify the genre.
The question is not against the individual speeches carried by specific examples, but the speech that is carried for the genre itself.

To begin with, the name “chick flick” is, by itself, slightly offensive. (PS: I am not being a feminist, however you cannot simply categorize things as chick or not chick, its actually about choice and not genre.) It carries the meaning that films with female protagonists are interesting only to a female audience, reinforcing the idea that films that have men, as protagonists are universal. However, those who have lots of women in it are “chick flicks”, and therefore, a shallow genre.Which means that a comedy lead by male protagonists is a comedy. But a comedy lead by women belongs to a different genre. It’s a “chick flick”. A drama lived by a man, is a drama. But the same drama, when lived by a woman, it’s a “chick flick”.

Most of the time, both men and women do enjoy chick flick films. So, why does the industry keep on caging them into a specific genre that can only be watched by a certain audience…or let’s say “just women”?
Surely, both men and women get married. Yet by some reason, films that have marriage scenes in it are only targeted as being interesting to women. Because yes, why would any guy be interested in real life when avengers or Fast and Furious exist.
It is the same distorted logic ( proven by many psychologist through social experiments), that says boys have to play with cars and girls, with dolls. That pink color is for girls and blue is for boys. That boys don’t cry and girls don’t abuse. (PS : there are many feminist ads released in this decade that prove my point here.)

Its so obvious for now that women cannot watch horror or action films. They should watch only chick flicks. Men can watch any genre. Being so, why would they want to see “chick films”?
Chick Flicks, as a genre, carry a clear speech: there’s a huge gap between how men and women are portrayed and seen by the film industry.  Men can be seen as human beings with problems, quests and stories that are interesting to any audience. As for women, when having anxieties, dilemmas, interests, and a journey… Well, that’s a “chick flick”!

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